Holiday Cleaning Checklist
With the holiday season just around the corner and the excitement of hosting family and friends building up, it’s time to ensure your home is warm, inviting, and clean. Before the festivities kick in, it’s crucial to prepare by giving your home a comprehensive cleaning. This not only creates a cozy atmosphere but also reduces the risk of germs, keeping everyone healthy. To make your holiday prep a breeze, the Landers Cleaning team has crafted a handy holiday cleaning checklist. Follow these simple steps to guarantee a celebration that’s not only joyous but also takes place in a spotlessly clean and healthy environment.


Begin your holiday preparations with the entryway – the first impression your home makes on guests. Focus on doors and immediate surroundings. Declutter and create a welcoming atmosphere. Sweep away dust, mop surfaces, and disinfect the floor. Pay attention to details, and regularly disinfect door handles throughout the season. This simple entryway routine sets the tone for a clean, welcoming, and hygienic home, leaving a lasting impression on your guests during the festive period.

Christmas Room Decor with Christmas Tree and Grey Decorations


The kitchen stands as the heartbeat of your home, and this sentiment is even more pronounced during the holiday season. Elevate your cooking space by tending to essential tasks: start by ensuring all dishes are washed, the sink is spotless, and appliances like the oven and microwave gleam with cleanliness. Wipe down countertops for a fresh feel, and give the floors a thorough sweep and mop. Refresh your kitchen by replacing dish towels and conducting a fridge audit, removing any outdated items. These simple yet impactful steps pave the way for a warm, inviting, and efficient holiday cooking space.


Prepare your guest space for a warm welcome by focusing on some key areas. Begin with a quick wipe-down of the sink and a refill of soap dispensers for a fresh touch. Make sure your bathroom is fully stocked with essentials like toilet paper and wipes. Toss your shower curtain in the wash for a quick refresh, and give your tiles some attention to ensure they’re free from mildew and grime. These easy steps ensure a clean and inviting space for your holiday guests, making their stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Guest Bedrooms

When hosting friends or family overnight, it’s important to have your guest spaces ready for their comfort. Start by refreshing the environment with clean linens and ensuring a clutter-free space. Take a moment to remove any trash and provide a fresh bag for convenience. Dusting surfaces is crucial for minimizing allergens, and a quick vacuuming of the floors adds the finishing touch. These simple steps guarantee a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for your holiday guests, allowing them to relax and enjoy their stay to the fullest.

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Living Rooms

Transforming your living space into a clean and festive haven for the holidays is a breeze with a few simple tasks. Begin by infusing a festive vibe with the placement of decorations. Elevate the cleanliness factor by giving your furniture and floors a thorough vacuum, ensuring a welcoming environment. Achieve a clutter-free look by clearing off tables. To add an extra touch of coziness, make sure there’s a fresh supply of comfort items like clean couch blankets. These quick and easy steps guarantee that your home is not only visually pleasing but also comfortably prepared for a joyful holiday season.

sweeping the living room

Professional Cleaning Services for the Holiday Season

Ensure your home is impeccably ready for the holiday season by entrusting the dedicated professionals at Landers Cleaning. Our expert cleaning team is committed to providing a thorough cleaning service, leaving your home shining, and creating a serene atmosphere for your guests. Beyond the holiday season, we offer ongoing cleaning services to maintain the cleanliness of your home. Contact us today by phone or visit our website to schedule your cleaning appointment and experience the difference between a professionally maintained and welcoming home.

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