10 Hacks for House Cleaning in Towson
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Putting together a clean and healthy living space is crucial whether you own or rent a home. A disorganized and dirty environment not only induces stress but also provides a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. When traditional cleaning methods fall short, it becomes essential to explore innovative strategies. Recognizing this need, Landers Cleaning has curated a collection of lesser-known cleaning hacks. These unique tips aim to equip you with the most effective and efficient methods for house cleaning in Towson.

Hack #1 – Clean Your Microwave with Steam

Microwaves often accumulate mess, but cleaning them can be a breeze. For a quick steam clean, just put a bowl of lemon juice in the microwave for 2 minutes. The lemon juice will boil, generating steam that effectively loosens debris. Afterward, a simple wipe-down will leave your microwave sparkling clean. Alternatively, achieving the same result is possible by microwaving a damp, clean sponge.

Hand in glove wipes the microwave inside

Hack #2 – Baby Powder + Dish Soap = Oil-Based Stain Remover

Oil-based stains pose a formidable challenge, appearing in various forms, from cooking oils to essential oils, and can be prevalent throughout your home. Conquer these stubborn stains with a simple solution—mix equal parts of dish soap and baby powder. This powerful combination is designed to make oil-based stains vanish, providing an effective remedy for these often troublesome blemishes.

Hack #3 – Clean Kitchen Cabinets with Vacuum

Your vacuum can be your trusty companion when it comes to house cleaning in Towson, especially when tackling tricky spots like kitchen cabinets. Employ the extension tool and brush attachment on your vacuum to effectively eliminate crumbs and dust nestled within your kitchen cabinets.

Light gray kitchen interior with modern cabinets and stainless steel appliances

Hack #4 – Use a Pillowcase to Clean Dust Off of Your Ceiling Fan

When it comes to cleaning your ceiling fan, dust often ends up on the floor and furniture, necessitating an additional cleanup. A smarter approach is to cover each fan blade with an old pillowcase and wipe it down. This way, all the dust is captured within the pillowcase, eliminating the need for a second cleanup.

Hack #5 – Eliminate Water Stains by Using Shaving Cream

Surprisingly, shaving cream emerges as a valuable ally in the realm of house cleaning in Towson, particularly for tackling stubborn water stains. The process is simple yet effective—apply shaving cream generously over the stain, allow it to sit for approximately 15 minutes, and then effortlessly wipe it away with a paper towel. Water stains, commonly encountered around doors, windows, kitchen appliances, and sinks, are no match for this clever cleaning hack.

Housekeeper cleans ceramic tile in the bathroom

Hack #6 – Remove Hard Water Stains with Undiluted Vinegar

While hard water stains may not impact everyone during house cleaning in Towson, when they do occur, dealing with them can be quite a nuisance. Fortunately, we have a reliable solution. Soak paper towels in undiluted vinegar and place them on the areas with hard water buildup overnight. The next day, scrub the surfaces and rinse with water for a spotless finish. For stubborn stains, you may need to repeat the process. This simple technique ensures a hassle-free way to tackle those troublesome hard water spots.

Hack #7 – Cleanout Garbage Disposals with Lemons or Limes

Owning a garbage disposal in your kitchen is a game-changer, making dishwashing a breeze. For those who frequently rely on their garbage disposal, regular cleaning and detox are essential. A highly effective method involves harnessing the acidic power of a lemon or lime. Simply cut the fruit into four slices, run water, and introduce each slice one at a time into the disposal while it’s running. This straightforward process ensures that your garbage disposal stays not only clean but also detoxified, maintaining optimal functionality.

Hack #8 – Eliminate Pet Hair with Rubber Gloves

When tackling the challenge of cleaning up pet hair, numerous novelty products on the market can be quite pricey. However, there’s a cost-effective alternative that requires almost no investment: rubber gloves. Just slip on the gloves and glide them over furniture surfaces to gather pet hair effortlessly. The static electricity created will gather the hair into a convenient ball that can be easily disposed of.

Hack #9 – Remove Carpet Stains with Vodka

Clear vodka proves to be an exceptional cleaning agent with versatile applications, particularly when dealing with fabric stains. Effortlessly tackle stains by blotting with a cloth dampened in vodka, repeating until the blemish disappears before your eyes. Clear vodka goes beyond stain removal—it’s ideal for crafting a refreshing linen spray, disinfecting your mattress, and effortlessly removing sticky labels. Elevate your cleaning routine with this multi-purpose solution.
cup of coffee spilled on gray color carpet

Hack #10 – Remove Wine Stains from the Carpet

Spilling wine can be distressing, making you fear that the damage is irreversible. However, worry not, as club soda comes to the rescue. Simply spray the stain with club soda, gently blot it with a cloth, and repeat until the stain disappears completely.

Bonus Hack – Toothpaste for Dirty Sneakers

Cap off your repertoire of house cleaning hacks in Towson with a bonus tip: employing toothpaste to revive dirty sneakers, especially effective for white shoes. Opt for a non-gel toothpaste, such as Arm & Hammer, and grab an old toothbrush. Add a touch of water, scrub your shoes, and generously apply the toothpaste solution. For darker-colored shoes, a quick rinse and drying session will do the trick. However, if you’re tackling white shoes, leave the toothpaste on overnight to let it work its magic. Afterward, rinse and dry them out—your shoes will be restored to their pristine condition, looking as good as new!

Professional House Cleaning in Towson

If the constant struggle to maintain a tidy home has become overwhelming, or if the mess seems insurmountable, it might be the perfect moment to consider the assistance of a professional cleaning company. At Landers Cleaning, our team is composed of skilled cleaning professionals ready to offer a complete range of solutions, ensuring your home stays impeccably clean. For exceptional house cleaning in Towson, your search ends with Landers Cleaning. Reach out to us today to discover how we can alleviate the burden and help you build a fresh and clean living space.

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