Commercial Business and Office Cleaning in Baltimore

A clean space can help employees hone their focus and work with a positive mindset.

For business owners, maximizing productivity is crucial. Our office cleaning is a effective way to enhance employee comfort, focus, and productivity. 

The team at Landers Cleaning understands the value of creating a thriving and happy workplace. As a family-owned business, we take pride in contributing to that effort for other local companies throughout the Baltimore region. 

Your office space is personal, so we take the care required to ensure our presence is a calming aspect of your routine. And as a small business, we offer a personal approach with a connection to you as an individualized client that big box cleaning companies can’t.

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Daily Cleanings

Multiple Times a Week

Weekly Cleanings

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What’s Included in Commercial and Office Cleaning Services?

The needs of every office space are different. Addressing your pain points is our priority, and for that reason, we’ll help you build a customized cleaning plan that makes sense. However, some of our standard services include:

General Cleaning

  • High dusting
  • Dust doors and door frames
  • Ceiling fans
  • Dust mop and wet mop all hard floors
  • Dust, vacuum, wipe down all baseboards
  • Vacuum all rugs and carpets
  • Vacuum and dust window treatments
  • Vacuum, sweep, and wipe stairs
  • Spot clean walls and doorways
  • Spot clean window sills and frames
  • Dust and vacuum furniture
  • Clean mirrors
  • Empty all trash receptacles
  • And more, as arranged with you


  • Sterilize countertops and fronts
  • Sterilize shower and tubs
  • Sterilize toilet
  • Sterilize sinks and faucets


  • All Countertops
  • Backsplash
  • Sink
  • Front of all cabinets
  • Front of all appliances
  • Polish stainless steel
  • Inside microwave ovens

Need something specific?

We take special requests. Let us know about your company's specific needs!

“We use Landers Cleaning at my office. I highly recommend them. They are on time, friendly, and do great work.”


About Landers Cleaning

Our founder, Eric Landers, learned the importance of integrity during his time in the U.S. Marine Corps, laying a foundation of transparency and trust.

As husband, father of three children, and a small-business owner, he understands how messes can pile up if left unchecked. When we come into your office space, we treat you, your employees, and your possessions with respect. Training is crucial to our process as a company, ensuring our cleaners can work within the space and conditions they’re given. Care and caution are applied to keep office equipment safe during each cleaning visit.


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