Spring & Seasonal Cleaning

Landers Cleaning provides seasonal cleaning services to Baltimore and surrounding areas so you can embrace the seasons with ease!

It’s that time of year when we roll up our sleeves, dust off the cobwebs, and give our homes the TLC they deserve. Whether you’re gearing up for a fresh start in spring, cozying up for winter, or simply embracing the changing seasons, our seasonal cleaning tips and tricks will help you make your living space feel like a sanctuary all year round.

Landers Cleaning’s seasonal services are hassle-free and refreshingly affordable every season!
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What is involved in a Spring or Seasonal Cleaning?

Each season brings its unique charm, and our seasonal cleaning services are tailored to match.

When springtime rolls around, we’ll help you banish the winter blues with a deep, rejuvenating clean that breathes life into your space. In the summer, we’ll tackle those sandy floors and sun-kissed windows, making your home the perfect retreat. As the leaves start to fall, our fall cleaning will keep you cozy and clutter-free. And when winter arrives, we’ll ensure your home is a warm and welcoming haven for all those festive gatherings.

We understand that no two homes are alike, which is why our cleaning services are entirely customizable. Whether you need a one-time deep clean, regular seasonal touch-ups, or even specific focus areas, we’ve got you covered. Our flexible scheduling options ensure that we fit seamlessly into your life – you tell us when, and we’ll be there, ready to transform your living space.

Spring Cleaning Recommendations

  • Deep surface cleaning
  • Pollen removal on windows
  • Front porch cleanup for entertaining

Fall Cleaning Recommendations

  • Deep surface cleaning
  • Refresh the windows
  • Sweep the leaves and straighten up the front porch
Get ready to embrace the changing seasons with a cleaner, cozier home with Landers Cleaning.

The Process

Whether you are a new customer or a recurring cleaning customer, our seasonal cleaning service brings the freshness of spring, vibrancy of summer, crispness of fall or coziness of winter to your space! Here’s how this service works:

Step One: The Quote

Get a quote quick and easy. Click here, enter your details and voila!

Step Two: Scheduling

Select a date that works best for your schedule.

Step Three: The Cleaning

You will receive a customizable reminder via text/email before we arrive. On the day of the service we will arrive within 30 minutes of the start time. If we believe the job will take us more than 30 minutes than we quoted you we will not continue until confirming your new quote with you.

Step Four: Provide Feedback

As soon as our tech leaves you will receive a prompt to score the cleaning. We love your feedback and it helps us meet your expectations at your next cleaning. This won’t take much time either, you can complete this review in a minute or less.

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“Landers Cleaning has been absolutely wonderful. They are trustworthy, reliable and effective. So glad that we’ve been using them for over 5 years!”

-Wendy Wolff

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Where attention to detail, a team of experts, and commitment to exceeding your expectations converge to create spaces that shine & bring you joy!

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We’ve got extras for the full package!

The Oven Interior

Is that last casserole that landed on the bottom of your oven still smoking every time you cook? Let us take care of it. We ONLY use non-toxic oven cleaners for the safety of everyone, so the hard to get grime may still be leftover, but your oven will be clean!

Fridge Interior

Say goodbye to mystery spills and lingering smells as our expert team ensures a sparkling clean fridge interior, making your food storage space as fresh as your meals.

The Basement

Is your basement looking more like a scene out of a spooky Halloween movie? We’ve got you! We’ll get the best of the dust and cobwebs in no time.