About Landers Cleaning Co.

team_full2Landers Cleaning Co. is a privately owned small business based in Baltimore City owned and operated by Eric Landers, a former United States Marine, current husband, and a loving Father of two adorable and entertaining little boys. Landers Cleaning Co. has been cleaning homes in Baltimore city and the surrounding counties for over 10 years and has successfully grown their client base more than 50% in the past two years from client referrals alone, what a compliment!

Our goal at Landers Cleaning Co. is to make our clients happy by walking into an exceptionally clean home at the end of a long day. We are a personable company that wants to get to know you and your needs so that we can exceed your cleaning expectations each and every time we clean your home.

If you are tired of cleaning up after your current cleaning company or just ready to retire your mop give us a call to schedule your Personal Cleaning Consultation. We will help put that smile back on your face when you see your sparkling clean home!

“If it’s not done right, it’s not done.”

We know that letting someone clean your home is personal. Please take a moment to get to know us, and click here to see how we’re different from other cleaning companies.

Meet the Owner

Eric Landers

Eric Landers

I have been professionally cleaning houses since I was in high school. When my mother hired a cleaning company and was not satisfied with the job they were doing I told her that I could do it better. She liked the job I did so much that she told friends and family and I had a small little business before graduating from high school. Shortly after that I joined the Marine Corps where there was definitely no lack of discipline about cleaning standards for my five years of service. After the Marine Corps, while I was in college and working part time, I decided that I would start a real company since I was in school for Business. For two years I operated ESL Cleaning Service. When I graduated with a BS in Business with a concentration in Finance I was hired as a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company where I worked for three years. After that venture I decided to come back to what I love and that is cleaning, so I started Landers Cleaning Co. I started this company because I have a passion for cleaning and now I get to show that passion through the training and leadership of my professional cleaning teams.
E-mail: eric@landerscleaning.com
Phone: (443) 388-0260